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Join us on this remarkable expedition exploring the icy beauty and remoteness of the Weddell Sea and its mesmerising gigantic icebergs.

The Weddell Sea is also known as an ‘iceberg factory’ creating a constantly changing scenery of spectacular beauty.

This voyage takes in some of the most remote and least explored parts of the world with a variety of wildlife living in splendid isolation and the abandoned relics of scientists, explorers and whalers on the edges of this spectacular frozen continent.

Zodiac cruising Weddell Sea
Weddell Seal
Orca Weddell Sea
Chinstrap penguins

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PLEASE NOTE: All itineraries are for guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice, weather, and wildlife conditions. The on-board expedition leader will determine the final itinerary. Flexibility is paramount for expedition cruises. Average cruising speed of m/v Plancius is 10.5 knots.

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