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The Mountains of Northern Pakistan: Karakoram, Hindu Kush and the North-West Frontier

For sheer jaw-dropping alpine majesty, nowhere else in the world rivals the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

The rounded green contours of the Himalayas lie to the east, the jagged black peaks of the Hindu Kush to the west, while in-between lies the unique landscape of the Karakorams, a vertical alpine desert where soaring granite monoliths rise abruptly like a wall from the valley floor for thousands of metres above the torrent of the Indus .  

The area is a kaleidoscope of peoples. One of humanity’s great crossroads, it has seen the passage of peoples and conquerors from the Aryans, the Huns, the Persians, Alexander the Great and the Moghuls, and was the arena for the long contest between the British Raj and the Russian Empire dubbed ‘The Great Game’ by Kipling. Each invader has left their mark, whether the Graeco-Buddhist remains of Gandhara or the massive fortifications of the British, and in many remote alpine valleys, remnant populations of tribes and cultures exist whose origins continue to puzzle the world’s ethnologists to this day.

Starting in Islamabad, Undiscovered World’s 13-day tour will cross Northern Pakistan from the eastern border with India in Kashmir to the Chinese border to the north and then to the Afghan border in the west on this unforgettable expedition to places rarely seen by western tourists.

Golden Indus expedition travel Pakistan Undiscovered World
View from Skardu Fort, travel Pakistan
Indus River travel Pakistan
Travel Pakistan with Undiscovered World. Land of Giants Deosai

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