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Careful curation:

Our adventure travel packages have been carefully curated. We offer  an exclusive portfolio of independent adventures across our exclusive undiscovered destinations: Saint Helena, Abkhazia, Pakistan, the Falkland Islands, Papua New Guinea, Greenland, Svalbard, the Outer Hebrides, Albania and Kyrgyzstan.

Take a walking holiday in Saint Helena, cycle through the Outer Hebrides, adventure across Svalbard in a snowmobile, or take a boat safari around Southern Greenland.

Local partners:

Our adventure tour packages are directly delivered to you by our trusted local partners and in most cases have:

  • flexible departure dates
  • no age limits
  • no minimum numbers.

They are suitable for solo travellers and small groups.

Exploring epic landscapes and the natural world, many of our adventures are constructed around outdoor activities including walking, cycling and diving. While some of our tours focus almost exclusively on wilderness and wildlife, most of our tours include elements of history, indigenous culture and authentic local experiences.

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