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Undiscovered World

Adventure travel redefined

Undiscovered World adventure travel will take you to the most remote and spectacular locations on the planet.

We are a hybrid travel and media company with a team of experts and a network of local partnerships. We connect people to life-changing experiences in incredible locations far off the beaten track.

Unique experiences, designed and created by journalists, filmmakers and foreign correspondents

With more than 30 years' experience reporting from fascinating and unexplored locations, we'll take you to places not offered by other tour operators. We'll give you unique experiences, designed and created by journalists, filmmakers and foreign correspondents who have reported from the world’s farthest reaches.

In a crowded global market awash with mainstream holiday offerings, Undiscovered World is a bold alternative and the chance for extraordinary adventure. We open up new destinations, push the boundaries of traditional tourism and redefine adventure travel.

Barentsburg, Svalbad

In places near and far is a secret world, waiting to be explored. Often not visible on maps and well off the beaten track there are abandoned, derelict and decaying treasures of the past that are rarely seen.

Accompanied by foreign correspondents, filmmakers, explorers, naturalists and experts, our Undiscovered World expeditions are journalistic in nature. As accomplished storytellers, our guides will lead our expeditions and provide contemporary insight and context.

Experts in the regions where we conduct our tours, all of our expedition leaders have extensive in-country experience and work with our well-established network of local support staff to provide exclusive access for our guests.

Local experts, naturalists, and guides will take you to some of the most spectacular undiscovered locations on the planet, offering incredible opportunities for photographers and filmmakers.

Our expeditions blend elements of the past with current affairs to provide an insight into the history, people, and culture.

Recognising the importance of traditional knowledge and first nations, our expeditions will rely on indigenous storytellers and interpretive guides to provide new context and meaning to the epic landscapes through which we journey.

We have carefully curated an exclusive portfolio of independent adventure travel packages across our exclusive undiscovered destinations: 

Highlights of our collection include walking holidays in Saint Helena, cycling through the Outer Hebrides, snowmobiling adventures across Svalbard and boat safaris around Southern Greenland.

Our adventure tour packages are directly delivered to you by our trusted local partners and in most cases have flexible departure dates, no age limits and no minimum numbers. They are suitable for both solo travellers, and small groups.

Exploring epic landscapes and the natural world, many of our adventures are constructed around outdoor activities including walking, cycling, and diving. While some of our tours focus almost exclusively on wilderness and wildlife, most of our packages combine elements of history, indigenous culture, and authentic local experiences.

Through our partnership with Oceanwide Expeditions we offer a range of oceanic voyages to some of the world’s most remote and least visited locations.

Our expedition-style voyages to the epic polar regions take travellers deep into the Arctic circle or to the farthest reaches of Antarctica, and to a variety of sub-antarctic islands.

With a fleet of ice-strengthened vessels, following sea routes that are short and direct, our polar expeditions allow for maximum shore time to a landscape teeming with wildlife.

With our own helicopters on some voyages, and a fleet of zodiacs you will be shuttled to and from outings in speed and comfort.

To take full advantage of your polar adventure all voyages offer a range of extra activities from kayaking and mountaineering to photography and bird watching.

Our Mission

The human desire for exploration is a deep evolutionary trait that motivates us to learn new things, meet new people and gain a deeper understanding of our natural planet.

At Undiscovered World we believe that travel is a transformational experience to be enjoyed at any age. To travel is to thrive and that every journey should be an adventure.

Our mission is to help ordinary people explore the world’s most extraordinary destinations, as individuals or part of a group. With our portfolio of adventure tours, ocean voyages and escorted expeditions we've redefined adventure travel to the undiscovered.

In places near and far is a secret world, waiting to be explored.

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